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Top 10 Ideas for Customizing a Golf Cart

by ShopEZGO B. on 4/22/2015 4:27:00 AM

What once was a basic golf cart is now your ultimate lifestyle luxury. Whether you cruise down to the beach, through the neighborhood, or out on the trail, people everywhere are customizing their carts more than ever. Accessories add many benefits to owners and friends and family coming along for the ride. Better yet, enjoy your golf cart all year round with accessories made for spring rain showers, the summer heat, exploring the outdoors in the fall, or keeping you warm and covered in winter. Check out these top 10 ideas to add style, comfort, technology, and performance to customize your E-Z-GO golf cart. 

1. Luxury Custom Seats

Golf cart seats have come a long way from what you typically see. Bigger cushions, contoured design and headrests and armrests are some of the features that have become more common for inidividual owners. In addition to comfort, the style and appearance of your seats is an easy way to show off your personal style.  With a variety of luxury seat design options or seat covers to add to your existing seats, you have the ability to customize your golf cart exactly the way you want it. Two tone seat covers are a fun way to show off your favorite sport team colors or match your new body and cowl. 

2. Bluetooth Speakers

Listening to your favorite music while driving your golf cart has never been this easy and looked so good. The latest and greatest Bluetooth audio systems provide crystal clear sound, offer flexible mounting locations, and have the ability to weather the elements outdoors. The two most popular places to fit a speaker system is into the front dash area or to the struts that support the top. Don’t forget about a phone mount to keep your favorite device in place. The last thing you want to happen is having your phone slide off the dash or drop from the cupholders. 

3. Tires and Wheels

Golf cart tires and wheels sport style as much as they do function. With so many options it’s hard to figure out where to start. First you can decide between street or off-road tires depending on the type of terrain you want to cover. Street tires will help you cover more ground efficiently on paved surfaces, and are usually required on any golf course. Off-road tires are larger and feature deeper treads. From there you need to figure out if you need a lift kit to accommodate a larger tire size. The most fun part is selecting your wheel.  E-Z-GO offers a wide variety of designs, colors, and finishes. Wheels come in everything from chrome to matte black and everything in between.

4. Lift Kits

Plain and simple, lift kits are popular. Lift kits are popular because they complete that desired off-road appearance and provide an improved ride experience over diverse terrains. They also allow you to add larger tires and wheels Lift k typically range from 2 to 6 inches. The different types include a-arm, spindle lift and drop axle. Each have their own pros and cons, but be sure to identify which lift kit is right for you since they are vehicle specific.

5. Fender Flares

There’s something about the need to splash through the puddles that gets everyone excited. What’s not exciting is mud splattering everywhere. Fender flares help shield you and the interior of your golf cart from mud, rocks, and other debris by attaching to the body right above the tires and wheels. This is an easy add if you own a vehicle with larger tires and wheels or if you plan on traveling off the beaten path.

6. Upgraded Controller

Who doesn’t want a better performing golf cart? We didn’t think so. Upgraded speed controllers do just that by providing quicker acceleration and higher torque. This can be extremely useful to maintain performance after adding a lift kit and larger tires and wheels. An upgraded golf cart controller can help your vehicle with steeper terrain, hills, and rugged terrain. 

7. Custom Body and Cowl

A brand new body and cowl will instantly revitalize your golf cart. The color and design of the main body sets the stage for ultimate customization. An authorized E-Z-GO dealer can create custom graphics, paint colors, or style patterns to make your golf cart truly one of a kind. For certain E-Z-GO models, you can change the front cowl to a different style with some modifications. Easily change the look of your E-Z-GO TXT or ST with the newer KW cowl used on Express and Terrain series vehicles.

8. Sport Decals

The ultimate statement of pride comes from letting everyone know just how much you love your team. Whether it’s at the collegiate or professional level, golf carts are no stranger to tailgate lots, campuses, and stadiums. Custom paint jobs, adding sport team decals, matching team color seat covers, and body wraps are some of the popular ways golf cart owners show their spirit.

9. Brush Guards and Rocker Panels

Create a sleek, sport style look or go for the tough, rugged outdoors with brush guards. Customizing your golf cart with a brush guard isn't just for show as you add safety and protection to the front cowl and headlights.

10. Beverage Coolers

Don’t underestimate the joy of having an ice cold drink readily available. The convenience of a cooler designed for golf carts is that it won’t take up any of your space since they mount with a bracket on the side of your vehicle. 

Now that you have our top ten tips to customize your golf cart it's time to show off your vehicle! Email your vehicles to or share them on Facebook. We'd love to feature your custom E-Z-GO golf cart on the blog. You can also visit a local authorized E-Z-GO dealer to find out more information on the latest accessories and help with installation.

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