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Top 10 DIY Golf Cart Projects for the Fall

by ShopEZGO B. on 9/28/2015 3:13:00 PM

As we move into warm summer days combined with cool fall nights, it’s a great time for those last season upgrades to your golf cart. With both cool golf cart accessories to customize your E-Z-GO or essential maintenance to keep your vehicle running smoothly, these top 10 DIY Golf Cart Projects are a great place to start for creating your ultimate custom E-Z-GO golf cart.

For a lot of the projects below, you’ll find installation guide videos from E-Z-GO TV to help you along the way.

E-Z-GO Golf Cart DIY Project - Install a Golf Cart Windshield


Golf cart windshields are an easy to install and must-have essential that provide style and protection for your E-Z-GO golf cart or utility vehicle. Stay dry from rain, shielded from the harsh sun, and protected from debris while blazing the trail and still enjoying airflow to keep comfortable. This project is a quick and easy install for any golf cart owner.

All E-Z-GO OEM windshields are a 70% polycarbonate / 30% acrylic blend, making them impact and crack resistant which leads to a more durable and high quality product compared to many aftermarket acrylic comparisons.

Choose between fold down and flat and clear or tinted to meet your style preferences. If this is your first windshield for your E-Z-GO golf cart, be sure to determine your model and take into account if your vehicle has a standard 54” or long 80” top. Top struts will be different, which is how windshields mount to the cart.


E-Z-GO Golf Cart DIY Project - New Golf Cart Wheels and Tires


With so many options to customize your ride, golf cart wheels and tires are the ultimate accessory for your E-Z-GO golf cart. With unmatched performance and a wide variety of styles to choose from, this easy project will have you riding in style in no time.

Choose your wheel style - between 10”, 12” and 14” size wheels, and your finish. The E-Z-GO tire and wheel lineup features machined, black, chrome, black chrome finishes with different accents for ultimate customization. Opt for the Backlash street tires for great durability and a smooth ride around the neighborhood or to the store around the corner. If you’re into exploring off the beaten path than the Backlash X off-road tire is calling your name. This larger tire with a deeper, tough tread provides the traction and the maneuverability you need to tackle the toughest terrain.

New tires and wheels are easy to install. The most important thing to keep in mind is how to properly tighten the lug nuts to ensure proper fit against the wheel hub. E-Z-GO vehicles have a 4X4 bolt pattern. With the valve stem to the outside, mount the wheel on the hub and finger tighten the lug nuts in the following order: 1) top left 2) bottom right 3) top right 4) bottom left. Refer to your E-Z-GO owner’s manual for the torque specs needed for your vehicle. Use this Golf Cart Wheel and Tire Buying Guide to help size the right tires and determine if you need a lift kit.

E-Z-GO Golf Cart DIY Project - Install Heavy Duty Golf Cart Leaf Springs


If you’ve already installed a rear seat to your E-Z-GO golf cart, you can carry more passengers or haul more gear, a win-win when it comes to golf cart accessories. The added weight to your vehicle can stress your suspension and affect vehicle performance. Installing heavy duty leaf springs help counter this, by providing better support and a smoother ride. Not only is this a quick and easy install, but we have E-Z-GO TV installation guides to help you along the way.


E-Z-GO Golf Cart DIY Project - Add a Golf Cart Enclosure


Don’t let rain or cold weather ruin your ride, stay warm with a new Golf Cart Enclosure. E-Z-GO enclosures are easy to install and help keep you protected from the elements so you can enjoy your golf cart year round. Our enclosures for E-Z-GO golf carts are available in multiple colors for both two passenger and four passenger models. High quality fabric and specific designs (as opposed to a generic universal enclosure) for each model offer the best fit and protection.


E-Z-GO Golf Cart DIY Project - Install a DC to DC Converter

This part allows you to add the really fun accessories to your golf cart without compromising battery life or performance. A DC to DC Converter provides steady 12 volt power to your lights, speakers and more as opposed to unevenly draining specific batteries. Now your golf cart will run more efficiently as your enjoy your ride, charge after charge.

E-Z-GO Golf Cart DIY Project - Replace Golf Cart Shock Absorbers


Performing regular maintenance on your golf cart’s shocks is important for maintaining a smooth and safe ride. Front and rear shocks should be replaced as needed to reduce the bounciness and rough handling that occurs with worn out shocks. To help you with the installation, view our video guides on E-Z-GO TV for front and rear shocks for the TXT and RXV.

E-Z-GO Golf Cart DIY Project - Replace Golf Cart Brake Shoes and Brake Drums


Maintaining the condition of your brake shoes and drums is key for safe vehicle performance. Here are some installation guides to help you with this important project.

Installing new golf cart brakes is something most people can do at home, but we want you to always be safe. If you need professional help installing your brakes, please contact an authorized E-Z-GO Dealer and let them take care of this project for you.

E-Z-GO Golf Cart DIY Project - Add Golf Cart Speakers and Audio Accessories


Ride to the beat of your favorite music by installing a brand new golf cart stereo and speaker system. Whether you’re cruising through the neighborhood, tailgating lots or exploring the outdoors, we have the audio accessories you need to customize your golf cart for the ultimate E-Z-GO experience.

Crank up the noise with Kicker speaker systems or a Wet Sound sound bar for top quality sound coming from durable speakers that will keep up with your pace of excitement. With Bluetooth connectivity and flexible mounting options you’ll have the freedom to play your favorite music from your favorite devices just the way you want!

E-Z-GO Golf Cart DIY Project - Install a Golf Cart Brush Guard


Adding a brush guard to your E-Z-GO golf cart can provide a tough look for the outdoor adventurer or a sleek style for the road warrior. Brush guards also protect the front cowl and headlights from debris. Find yours in stainless steel, black or chrome and complete your custom golf cart today!

E-Z-GO Golf Cart DIY Project - Add a Golf Cart Top for Weather Protection


Golf cart tops are a great accessory for style, comfort and weather protection. Typically 54 inch tops are used on two passenger vehicles, but if you’ve added rear seats for your golf cart then you might want to consider an 80 inch top. It helps your passengers in the back stay out of the rain.

Replacing or adding a new top isn’t a difficult task, but might require a helping hand to hold the other side. For certain models, a change from 54” to 80” might require switching to a different windshield that fits the front struts.



Whether you decide to add a cozy new enclosure to your E-Z-GO golf cart, or a high quality sound system, E-Z-GO has the perfect golf cart accessories for you. Be sure to check out the rest of our E-Z-GO TV videos for more installation guides, featured products and more.

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