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How to Choose the Best Golf Course Near Me

by ShopEZGO B. on 9/3/2015 7:00:00 AM

You want to take advantage of great weather and your work-free weekend. What better way than a day out on the golf course. From warm up on the range to a full round, you want to make sure you take full advantage of your precious time off. We put together the top 5 things to consider when choosing the best golf course near you. Whether you’re looking to become a member at a local golf course or looking to change things up, compare this list and you’ll be on your way to great day on the green.

1. Clubhouse and Pro Shop

The golf course clubhouse is your first personal interaction with the course. It serves as your home base for everything you’ll need for the day: signing into your tee time, picking up your golf cart, restaurant and lounge, locker rooms, and the pro shop.

The pro shop should offer everything you might need to get your gear in order, big or small. From the best golf clubs for players on all levels to last minute essentials such as tees and ball markers, the Pro Shop is where you will tee off your golf trip. Some shops provide additional services such as custom golf club fittings or re-gripping to help your game. If you’re a beginner to intermediate level golfer in search of lessons, you might want to research the pro staff and rates. Be sure to ask about individual vs. clinics as well as single lessons or packages.

2. Surroundings and Quality of the Course

Wide open greens, ocean views, and forest covered hillsides are only a few scenic features that help define the course’s character and make it a pleasure to play on. Aside from a nice view, these features impact your game. One of the most exciting aspects of playing new courses is that they have a central theme while at the same time offer variety and uniqueness to each hole. A variety of distances and layouts require you to work on your swing with your driver, irons, and wedges. Mix in bunkers, doglegs, and water holes and now you’re taking a new approach each hole.

For beginners, we recommend trying courses that have a more open layout. Wider fairways and fewer hazards will help you build your confidence and spend less time searching for your golf balls in the rough. Beware of wind off the water and tall trees, but take advantage of these natural challenges to improve your game as you improve and gain confidence. Also, tee off where you feel most comfortable. Most courses have a variety of tee boxes so that each hole caters towards golfers on all levels.

Golfers of all skill levels should remember the three “P’s”...practice and patience pay off. The driving range and putting course are great way to practice a high volume of repetitions. Focus on form and getting the basics down before trying to blast a shot off the tee. As you improve your game you can introduce more advanced shots such hitting draws or fades. You can start playing the sides of the fairway depending on where the pin is on the green. For example, if the pin is tucked away on the left you would position yourself on the right side of the fairway for a better angle .

While practicing on the range, take mental notes of how far you hit the ball for each of your clubs (only count the controlled shots). That way when play you’ll know whether to club up or club down depending on the shot you need.

E-Z-GO Golf Cart on Golf Course3. Well maintained cart paths and golf carts

A day on the course means a lot of driving. Not just driving off the tea, but along the cart paths from hole to hole and in search of your golf ball. While this is typically more of a “word of mouth” feature, some courses have reputations of good, or not so good conditions. The last thing you want happening on the back nine is a dead battery or broken down vehicle. The expectation for smooth cart paths and perfectly operating vehicles is the standard. Golf cart accessories such as coolers, sand bottles, divot repair kits, and windshields and tops are just a few add-ons to make you more comfortable .

Some courses also offer more technology in their fleet to enhance the course and golfer experience. For example, E-Z-GO offers state of the art GPS and fleet management solutions through TKV GPS™. With this technology golfers can view custom course graphics and 3D flyovers.

4. Amenities

The most common amenities are a driving range, chipping area, and putting green. These are great for a warm up or spending some dedicated time working on repetitions for your swing. Courses also offer group clinics and individual lessons for less experienced golfers. Depending on what you’re looking for, you might prefer one course over another for some of these features.

If you’re looking for more than the average golf outing you might want to find a course with its own accommodations. Some courses have guest cottages that offer a unique experience for your weekend golf getaway. Cottages are ideal for all occasions from family outings to any business occasion.

5. Tee Time and Price

Often time the final deciding factor in selecting a course is the availability and price. There are a few ways to book a tee time. If you want to research the golf courses near you, a booking site such as GolfNow or TeeOff is a great place to start. These websites compile tee times for tons of courses around the world and often time provide discounted rates. If you already have a course in mind, simply go to the course’s website or call the course directly. Keep in mind most courses price rounds of golf differently for weekday vs. weekend, daytime or. twilight hours, and seasonality.

What’s next? Get out there and play!

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