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How to Buy Golf Cart Batteries

by ShopEZGO B. on 11/11/2015 9:13:00 AM

For owners of electric golf carts, there may be a time when the batteries need to be replaced. What's worse than getting excited for a drive through the outdoors or needing your golf cart to haul something to make work easier, but not being able to because of dead batteries? Replacing batteries can be tricky, which is why we're here to help.

When Should I Replace My Batteries?

There are a couple of ways we recommend for testing your batteries in order to determine battery life. The easiest and safest way is by taking your golf cart to an authorized E-Z-GO dealer and letting the professionals handle it.

However, if the do-it-yourself spirit inside of you says you can do it, then we recommend a battery meter called a hydrometer. The hydrometer tests the state of charge for each battery cell. In this test, the hydrometer measures the density of the electrolyte by way of its gravity. The higher the specific gravity the denser the electrolyte is resulting in a battery that has a higher state of charge.

Instructions on how to use the dryometer are located in the battery section of your E-Z-GO owner's manual.

Determine Your Vehicle's Battery Configuration

E-Z-GO golf carts and utility vehicles have different deep cycle batteries and configurations depending on the model and and electrical system. See the list below for the standard battery configurations. You can always find the electrical system voltage and battery type and quantity in your E-Z-GO owner's manual. Each battery will have the manufacturer's label, which displays the voltage as well as other value information about the battery.

  • 36 Volt E-Z-GO TXT: 6 x 6 volt batteries
  • 48 Volt E-Z-GO TXT: 6 x 8 volt batteries
  • 48 Volt E-Z-GO RXV: 4 x 12 volt batteries
  • 48 Volt E-Z-GO Express S4/S4 High Output: 6 x 8 volt batteries
  • 48 Volt E-Z-GO Express L6: 8 x 6 volt batteries
  • 48 Volt E-Z-GO Express S6: 8 x 6 volt batteries
  • 48 Volt E-Z-GO Express L4: 6 x 8 volt batteries
  • 48 Volt E-Z-GO Terrain 1000: 8 x volt battteries
  • 48 Volt E-Z-GO Terrain 250: 6 x 8 volt batteries

Whether you are looking for deep cycle batteries for your electric golf cart or a single SLI battery for starting a gas powered vehicle, find reliable golf cart batteries directly from E-Z-GO shipped right to your door.

6 Volt Deep Cycle Battery

8 Volt Deep Cycle Battery

12 Volt Deep Cycle Battery


Where to Find Instructions on Safely Removing and Installing New Batteries

Your E-Z-GO owner's manual contains all of the necessary information relating to removing and replacing batteries in your E-Z-GO golf cart or utility vehicle. The "General Specifications" section of your owner's manual will be the place to find which batteries and electrical system you're working with.

Then you'll want to find the "Batteries" section, which may be labeled differently depending on the manual, for instructions on battery removal and replacement, maintenance, and charging. Follow the instructions for the safety equipment you'll need, steps to properly disconnect the battery wires, removal process, battery and battery rack maintenance and cleaning, new battery installation process, and steps to reconnect all of the battery wires.

Follow all of the instructions and be sure to pay attention to the notices, cautions, warnings and danger symbols so that you can safely work with your batteries.

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If you need help with your golf cart batteries, or any other issues with vehicle performance, you can visit a local authorized E-Z-GO dealer near you. 

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