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Gift Guide to a Happy Father's Day

by ShopEZGO B. on 6/17/2015 3:33:12 PM

Father's Day Gift Guide

Let’s face it, finding Father’s Day gifts can drive you up the wall. There really isn’t a silver bullet for deciding on the perfect gift with all of the possibilities out there. We aren’t sure if you are aware, but in the months leading up to Father’s Day he has left little breadcrumbs that lead to the gift that he really wants most. If you didn’t pick up on his subliminal messages, let try a different method. Pick your “dad” category on our list to help brainstorm some cool Father’s Day Gifts.

The “Tech” Dad

Music spans all generations and most dads have a specific genre of music that can spark nostalgia. Certain songs have a way of bringing back great memories. If your dad owns a golf cart then we have some sweet Bluetooth speakers that will surely impress him and help him enjoy the music he loves. The Kicker Bluetooth Amplifier and LED Speaker system will allow him to play his favorite music wirelessly while taking a spin around the neighborhood all the while showing off the LED speakers. The LED speakers pulsate in a variety of colors to the beat of the music via the programming remote. Visually it is something you haven’t seen on a golf cart and should provide dad with some cool points.

Take your tech a step further with the latest gadgets. A new smartphone or tablet will keep dad busy with his music and tons of apps out there. One of the latest trends is wearable technology. Smart watches sync to your favorite mobile devices and provide even more mobile connection. 

The “Grill” Dad

TV commercials have a way of portraying Dad as the family grill master. This stereotype is usually associated with charcoal, a charcoal grill, a backyard, a cheesy apron and a grilling utensil in hand. None the less, Dads love to grill. A special set of grilling utensils customized for his favorite sports team is a great way to go. Recently we’ve noticed that a crowd favorite is a pulled pork sandwich dripping with BBQ sauce. We have researched a variety of effective ways in which pitmasters choose to pull pork apart, from using power tools to industrial rubber gloves. Beast Clawz by Grill Beast should be added to that list of pork shredders. Beast Clawz eliminates hand cramps, hand burns and makes quick work of shredding and transporting meat. Dad would enjoy ripping apart a slow cooked pork shoulder to make his famous BBQ dish at the next summer backyard party.

The "R & R" Dad

Help Dad relax wherever he pleases this Father’s Day. We are sure Dad will love a place to relax on the weekends after a long work week. A hammock tied between two trees has always been synonymous with full-on relaxation. But traditional hammocks are only great if you have two trees conveniently spaced. The Stalwart Portable Hammock is just what the relaxation doctor ordered. This hammock easily folds up into a carrying bag for easy transit and includes a hammock stand. This portable hammock doesn't require any trees, it simply allows you to unwind wherever you please. Preferably under some shade.

Also, if you haven’t noticed, most dads have a “spot”. Their seat at the dinner table or on the couch is theirs and theirs alone. Upgrade “dad’s spot” this Father’s Day with a recliner chair, or better yet, new luxury golf cart seats for ultimate comfort on the go. New beach chairs and a cooler are great for coastal beach-goers throughout the summer.

The "Yard Warrior" Dad

The smell of fresh cut grass and manicured grass lines can bring a grown man to tears of joy. Provide your dad with a sure fire way to win “Yard of the Month” with some new tools in the garage. Whether you go big with a new lawn mower or for the essentials such as edgers and clippers, dad will spend his afternoons enjoying his gift day after day.

After a long hard day polishing the yard, what's better than enjoying a cold beverage on the deck? With so many options, it's hard to choose but here are some of the basics: area rugs, table and chairs, lounge chairs, swinging bench, outdoor cooler cart, and shade umbrellas. Whether you buy one piece or the whole room, you'll be able to sit back and relax with friends and family on your newly revived hangout spot.

The "DIY" Dad

Nothings worse than halting a project because he doesn't have the right tools. Since calling in a "professional" is a last resort (and out of the question) you have the opportunity to save the day. Whether he's cutting, sanding, or drilling, a new lithium ion powered combo kit will get the job done. If dad already has a drill, see if it's compatible with other attachment and add-ons. For the dad that has every tool imaginable, the best gift can be the freedom to get whatever he wants. Gift cards to any of your local home improvement and construction retailer are a quick and easy go-to gift.

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