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E-Z-GO TV: Your Source for Official E-Z-GO Parts and Accessories Videos

by ShopEZGO B. on 12/10/2015 8:59:00 AM

E-Z-GO TV is the official channel of E-Z-GO parts and accessories on Find a wide range of videos from installation guides, maintenance tips and ways to customize your E-Z-GO golf cart. Whether you own a personal E-Z-GO golf cart, manage a golf course or use our vehicles at your workplace we have videos for you. You will find featured videos followed by our main playlists. If you're interested in more videos in the playlist, simply click on the playlist icon in the top left corner of the video.

E-Z-GO Golf Cart Enclosures make an excellent addition to your E-Z-GO TXT or Medalist golf cart for reliable weather protection and comfort. OEM enclosures are durable, resilient, and made with water-resistant marine fabric that easily installs over the top of the vehicle with a secure fit.

Check out the E-Z-GO 350 Amp Controller for the E-Z-GO RXV in action! Take the highly efficient electric AC drive system to the next level and get the boost you need to cover new ground. Quicker acceleration and increased torque provide better uphill climbing capability. Cover longer uphill distances better and climb steeper terrain.

View all E-Z-GO Speed Controllers

Create your ultimate E-Z-GO experience with style, comfort and unmatched performance. With everything from lift kits and tires and wheels to tops, windshields and more, customize your E-Z-GO golf cart with style to fit your lifestyle whether you hit the road, conquer the trail or master the course.

The videos in this playlist will show you how to perform maintenance and service requirements as well as guide you through other types of repairs and service needs. From battery care of your electric E-Z-GO golf cart to engine tune ups of gas E-Z-GO golf carts you will be able to keep your vehicle performing at its best.

Use these videos to identify your E-Z-GO golf cart model and find its serial number. Once you find your serial number there are two places you can use it to find the specific make, model and year of your golf cart. Visit the Shopezgo serial number lookup guide page, or go to the My Vehicle shopping tool to make it easier to find the E-Z-GO parts and accessories you need for your specific vehicles.

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