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E-Z-GO Wheel and Tire Guide

by ShopEZGO B. on 2/5/2016 4:20:00 PM

Golf cart wheels and tires are the ultimate accessory for your E-Z-GO golf cart. With unmatched performance and a wide variety of options to choose from, you can customize your ride to fit your lifestyle. Learn about street and off-road golf cart tires, explore the lineup of E-Z-GO wheels, learn about how to read sizes and fitment, and browse other related accessories.

E-Z-GO Tires

Where do you drive your E-Z-GO golf cart? Street vs. Off-Road

If you live in a neighborhood or golf car-friendly community, street tires are right for you. Enjoy a smoother ride by upgrading your standard golf car tire to the Backlash street tire to gain better traction and performance.

E-Z-GO owners who like to take their golf car off the beaten path should explore off-road tires, such as the Backlash X tire. This all terrain tire feature an interlocking tread pattern that provides excellent traction on a variety of terrains, while still performing well on paved surfaces. Find your go-to fishing hole, drive to your favorite hunting spot or explore the outdoors all in your E-Z-GO golf car.

Off-road tires are larger and wider than your standard or street golf car tire. As a result, you will need a lift kit for proper fitment and installation. There are different types of golf cart lift kits and various sizes you can use. The most popular lift kit size is a 4” or 5” lift kit. This provides raises the vehicle enough to allow off-road tires to mount to the hubs and turn the full capability of the steering suspension without rubbing against the tire-well. Street tires on the other hand do not require a lift kit for E-Z-GO golf carts.

E-Z-GO Wheels

Golf cart wheels are where you get ultimate customization. E-Z-GO offers a diverse lineup of premium golf cart wheels in 14”, 12”, and 10” sizes. Whether you like a machined or flat black finish, or want to stand out with a set of chrome wheels and tires on your golf cart, find what you need to create the ultimate custom golf cart.

Not sure what would look good on your golf cart? Try the Wheel and Tire Showroom app and see for yourself.

E-Z-GO Golf Cart Wheels

Golf Cart Tire and Wheel Size Chart and Bolt Pattern

The standard tire on your personal E-Z-GO golf car is usually the 18 x 8.50-8, 4-ply rated, Hole-N-One, Links or Turf tire. The E-Z-GO Express and Terrain series personal and utility golf cars have a larger street or off-road tire depending on the model. Regardless of the golf car you own, upgrading you to a new, custom wheel and tire provides a great new look and more comfortable ride.

E-Z-GO Tire and Wheel Size Chart.Street wheel and tire assemblies are displayed in P-Metric sizes: tire width / aspect ratio – wheel diameter.

Tire Width - width of the tire measured in millimeters from sidewall to sidewall.
• Aspect Ratio - is the ratio of the height of the tire's side to its width.
• Wheel Diameter - is the distance between the vertical portions of the rim flange. This is normally measured in inches.

Off-road wheel and tire assemblies are displayed in Alpha Numeric sizes: overall tire height x tire width – wheel diameter.

• Overall Tire Height - is always the first number and is tire height when inflated.
• Tire Width - is the distance between the widest part of the tire when inflated and not under any weight.
• Rim Diameter - is the distance between the vertical portions of the rim flange. This is normally measured in inches.

The E-Z-GO bolt pattern is a 4 x 4 pattern that uses a cross sequence while installing the lug nuts to assure even seating of the wheel against the hub. With the valve stem to the outside, mount your tire and wheel onto the hub and finger tighten them in the following order: 1) top left 2) bottom right 3) top right 4) bottom left. Then tighten the lug nuts to 50-85 ft. lbs (70-115 Nm) torque in 20 ft. lbs (30Nm) increments.

Recommended Items to Consider:

1. Lift Kit – as you read earlier, some E-Z-GO personal golf carts requires a lift kit for larger, off-road wheels and tires.

2. Fender Flares or Mud Guards – blaze the trail and enjoy your time in the outdoors in your off-road E-Z-GO golf cart without getting splattered by mud or covered in dirt. Fender flares and mud guards provide added protection from the elements by extending cover over larger tires.

3. Tire and Wheel Repair Kit – use this tubeless tire repair kit to fix punctured tires with ease. Simply use the pliers to remove the debris, use the tire reamer to prep the tire and then insert a plug into the tire puncture with the repair gun. With a convenient carrying pouch for the kit, you’ll have everything you need to keep your golf cart on the go.


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