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E-Z-GO Golf Cart Speakers and Audio Accessories

by ShopEZGO B. on 3/2/2016 1:10:00 PM

Owning a golf cart has a long list of benefits. Relaxation and fun are certainly at the top of that list. Now imagine how much more entertaining your drive would be if you had your favorite tunes with you. Whether you’re cruising through the neighborhood, beach, tailgating lots and campground, or exploring the outdoors, a great golf cart speaker system is what you need to turn up the fun.

Not all speakers are created equal. You want great sound quality from durable speakers that are easy to install, without having to break the bank. Check out our E-Z-GO golf cart speakers and audio guide to find everything you need to add some entertainment to your ride.

3 "Must Have" Features For Your Golf Cart Speakers

1. Powerful Sound with Crisp Quality
E-Z-GO partnered with Kicker and Wet Sounds to provide industry leading quality for audio accessories specifically for your E-Z-GO golf cart. Easily connect your favorite mobile device with Bluetooth to enjoy nearly 200 Watts of peak power to turn up the tunes. Full-range Kicker speakers cover a wide variety of sound complemented by outstanding highs and midrange quality specifically for the outdoors.

The Stealth 6 Ultra sound bar boasts a rich and dynamic sound performance with high quality speaker components that are ideal for outdoor vehicles. Powered by four Wet Sounds 3 inch full range marine drivers and two 1 inch titanium tweeters.

Kicker Bluetooth Amplifier & 6" LED Speakers4" Speakers with Bullet Enclosures by Kicker21" INCH SOUND BAR | STEALTH 6 UTLRA BY WET SOUNDS

2. Durable and Weather Resistant
Kicker and Wet Sounds speakers are made to endure the elements, no matter which environment you take them. Designed as marine and powersports product for golf carts, ATVs, and UTVs, both audio accessories are ready for the toughest conditions.

Kicker amplifiers are weather resistant with a conformal coated circuit board for added protection from water, dirt and mud. The Kicker KM Coaxial Speakers boast weather proof qualities that will have your music bumping rain or shine. Enjoy high quality, marine-grade speakers that are ASTM tested for moisture and UV exposure and feature splash and spray sealed components and rustproof hardware. The Stealth 6 Ultra by Wet Sounds is built with a full extruded aluminum housing that’s both waterproof and extremely durable and includes a waterproof connector.

3. Sleek Design and Customization
E-Z-GO Music Speaker Remote by KickerWith E-Z-GO, you have multiple options to choose from when it comes to choosing your speakers. The Stealth 6 Ultra is a sleek sound bar that mounts to the struts of your golf cart with heavy duty clamps for easy installation. These Kicker speakers boast both a stylish standard design and the ability to customize for your own desired look. Swap the speaker grilles between white and charcoal grey. Brighten your golf cart experience with your speakers by opting for LED speakers that have built in backlighting. You have the ability to change the color and lighting options with your LED Remote.

Explore E-Z-GO Speakers by Kicker and Wet Sounds

E-Z-GO Golf Cart Speakers by Kicker

Kicker Speaker for E-Z-GO Golf CartsLet’s begin with the most important component that powers your playlist, the amplified controller. For our Kicker amp, the most common place to install the controller is in the front dash area between the glove boxes. You can either cut a space to fit the controller in the existing center console plate or find a replacement console plate. You can also install the controller in the center of the four cup-holder. There are other custom locations depending on the other features of your car.

Next let’s take a look at the speakers that will be delivering your favorite music. The ideal speaker is durable, provides quality and clarity of sound, and has flexible mounting locations on the vehicle. Choose between two different, easy to install Kicker speaker options, combine both for surround sound, or opt for a custom speakers configuration at a local E-Z-GO dealer. The first speaker option is 6 inch coaxial speakers featuring back lit LED lighting display. They fit perfectly into speaker pods designed specifically for E-Z-GO golf carts. These golf cart speaker pods smoothly fit in the floorboard and dash area of the vehicle without interfering with the pedals or glove box. The second option is a set of 4 inch coaxial speakers with a bullet shaped enclosure that mount to the struts of the golf cart. When you combine the two, you can create the ultimate surround sound experience for your golf cart!

E-Z-GO Golf Cart Stealth Ultra Sound Bar by Wet Sounds

E-Z-GO Golf Cart Sound Bar by Wet Sounds

The STEALTH 6 UTLRA sound bar features a 200 watt, full range class D amplifier built into the sound bar so you are only mounting one, all inclusive unit to your golf cart for an easy installation. It includes a 2 volt output option so that you can connect to other amplifiers or speakers as well.

The STEALTH 6 UTLRA sound bar gives you an option to mount speakers without having to use space in the dash area or center console. Enjoy the wire-free freedom of a built in Bluetooth audio receiver or utilize the auxiliary inputs to connect your favorite devices. The auto turn off feature helps save battery life (an added bonus for electric golf carts) and a back lit LED control panel for easy controlling.

Custom Speakers for E-Z-GO Golf Carts

If you’re looking to take your custom speakers above and beyond, or if you aren’t quite sure how to complete the installation, take your ideas to an authorized E-Z-GO dealer . Our dealers can help install the speaker system and wiring to make things easier. Some of our E-Z-GO engineers worked with Kicker to create this completely customized golf cart featuring six speakers and a giant subwoofer mounted to one of our off-road golf cart tires. This might spark some ideas to upgrade your E-Z-GO golf cart.


Do I Need a DC to DC Converter?

All of these stereo components are great but don’t forget to take care of what powers your new source of entertainment, the batteries. We recommend adding a DC to DC converter to your electric E-Z-GO golf cart. A DC to DC Converter is designed to draw power from the batteries evenly. That way you are not putting a strain on just a few batteries. Drawing power from the batteries unevenly can cause premature battery failure which can cost you in the long run.


Create your ultimate E-Z-GO golf cart experience with a new speaker system today! Enjoy high quality speakers built for outdoor fun. We hope this article will help you be on your way to a much improved ride. All you have to do now is connect, press play and relax.


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